TO ME, ART IS the expression of a thought process, a way of communicating an ideology. Art should express something and it should trigger, up to a certain extent, a contemplation of our reality, our social conflicts, the energy lost in the production of waste, the urban issues, the density, the saturation caused by the infrastructures, and additionally, the great environmental conflicts of this period.  


I am and will always be an architect. I wear my professional outfit with great pride. Architecture has taught me the rules of composition and has nurtured me with the cognitive tools which, when blended with my ideology, allow me to develop the language of my work.


The main ideas behind my work: a lot in a little, variety in unity, unity in variety, the repetition and the obsession, the continuity, the chromatic uniformity, the permanent work over the development of  imperfect aesthetics.


Rubén Santurian      
Weston, Florida, 2013