Rubén Cherny

A serious smile

Is it possible that a critical view of the cultural and financial environment in which we are immersed and which defines us support an emotional connection with the observer and is even able to steal a smile from him?


Ruben Santurian’s works of art convey a relaxing playfulness and informality, but also fiercely display an area where awareness lies. He does this through a language that exhibits the overwhelming universe of consumption and by seducing the observer through his friendly tone. But there is more.

Horacio Ramos

“I have been honored to walk by Ruben’s side and share so much in these more than twenty years of work. I have known Ruben as an architect and as a man with the outlook of a kid, as he built his professional history, a history pierced by optimism, creativity and by his loving criticism.

Roberto Frangella

Ruben Santurian works with recycled materials. This is a whole esthetic stance. He takes advantage of “the disposable”, all that is being discarded and through a new outlook he makes them reborn in a new harmonious existence.