TEXTS|Roberto Frangella

Ruben Santurian works with recycled materials. This is a whole esthetic stance. He takes advantage of “the disposable”, all that is being discarded and through a new outlook he makes them reborn in a new harmonious existence. 


This is a very valuable thought and it metaphorically alludes to a continuous recycling process that all of us should perform. We recycle at every moment. We recycle our bonds towards people, relationships, thought processes, attitudes and behaviors. 

When Ruben collects objects that we use in our everyday lives and he transforms them to build a new landscape, a new urban landscape through which he alludes to that which articulates us as human beings. The esthetic result has an innate beauty: the combination of this waste turns into a new world of color and shapes orchestrated by the hand and the instructions of the artist.


The artist is like some kind of new “reality-charmer” and he conveys good vibes of hope. Through his hard, dedicated work the observer feels that a new, more harmonious world is possible, if we could only make good use of ourselves and what is available to us.


It would be enough to provide for everybody equally if we just shared what we have. This “waste esthetics” highlights that even the smallest is valuable in the “concert of life”. With a simple paper roll it is possible to show the work of construction workers and their tireless diligence. Ruben has built urban landscapes with disposable materials. In these landscapes we find ourselves in awe of how much beauty is possible to enjoy just by being determined, by changing the perspective, by being able to see beyond, by being able to imagine a better world and by committing ourselves enthusiastically to make this possible. 


We can certainly be like these beautiful collages, we can add something to our esthetic and human expression. 

Roberto Frangella