TEXTOS | Horacio Ramos


“I have been honored to walk by Ruben’s side and share so much in these more than twenty years of work. I have known Ruben as an architect and as a man with the outlook of a kid, as he built his professional history, a history pierced by optimism, creativity and by his loving criticism.


His work revolves around waste, about the negligible, the remnants; his efforts in trying to put some order in some unwanted chaotic events that are easy to predict as a fatal consequence of some practices that are just too human: abandonment, lack of interest, indifference, selfishness. These miseries are boosted as they go beyond the devious circle that recycling goes through and its new existence, stabbings it with a blow_ not a death blow, but an art blow.  And as a result, there isn’t any waste nor remnants, but a new and perpetual life.


The joy that his work instills on me is probably an accurate reflection of what he feels as he creates. This is the privilege of the artist and the right of a kid.”


Horacio Ramos