Nest Gen

Frost Art Museum, Miami, USA / 2014

The Honors College at Florida International University plunges into Art Basel week and the South Florida art scene in partnership with the Nest Gen Project to bring a unique and artistic event to the lawn in front of the Frost Art Museum. The Nest Gen Project is comprised of a group of internationally established artists seeking to raise awareness for environmental preservation and its urgency through the aesthetical interpretation of nests.

The goal is to support education, advocacy, communication, and interaction with the public using art as the vehicle.

Through artistic installations, Nest Gen seeks to incorporate a call to a collective conscience regarding our planet and the promotion of reuse, reduce and recycle principles. They aim to build a creative laboratory – an eco-sustainable exchange of materials, ideas, and themes to motivate consciousness.


Curators: Leonor Anthony, FIU Honors College Artist in Residence, Bartus Bartholomes
Associate Curators: Katiuska Gonzales, Astolfo Funez and Paola Puppio
Additional Participating Artists:Aimee Pérez, Alessandro Camaduro, Allison Kotzig, Belen Moreno, Carlo Mercello Conti Cesar Rey, Domingo De Lucia, Emilion Héctor Rodriguez, George Goodridge, Giovanni Ciucci, Maura Luccese, Miguel Rodez, Nila Onda, Othon Castañeda, Patricia Thrane, Rebeca Gilling, Ricardo Sanchez, Roxanna Gottschalk, Ruben Santurian, Rudolf Kohn, Sandra Garcia Pardo, Sylvia Heisel, Scott Taylor and Tomasa de las Casas.


The nests will be showcased from Saturday, November 15, through Monday, December 8. Green space in front of the Frost Art Museum