Perishable: Utility Consumption

Rimonim Art Gallery; Miami, Florida / June 28- July 12 2014


This Exhibit is presented by Rubén Santurián, the architect, artist and author of urban performances in Latin America and the United States. Santurian’s work is based on the transformation of urban waste into endless original art pieces.

Present Continuous
Rubén Santurián will present a series of works that reflect a new stage in his career, called Present Continuous. At the center of his shapes and textures, the essence a human being is projected. This image challenges the reality of the consumer society that does not allow generating a proposal for individual and social reflection. The art work takes us back to our original ability to distinguish, given the possibility to identify oneself in a constructive process of artistic evolution. Ruben’s work narrates the dignity of the used objects, as well as their past, while reflected in a continuous present. It also establishes an open future to a variety of trends. His work is committed to esthetic diversity and beauty that transforms the materials discarded by the consumer society into original, enduring artistic creations that bring forth emotion and reflection. Ruben’s permanent search has guided him in the creation of a new presentation for his work, conveying a humanizing message through his Trashformer works. The elements used acquire a new resized life based on an axis of essential production between the constructive and the pictorial, reaching amazing dimensions in shapes, colors and textures.